Welcome to TCU!


·        We have a redesigned Library website for the first time since 2010. The new design adapts to mobile screens and puts frequently used resources up front (http://library.tcu.edu).
·        In a few weeks, you will enjoy an expanded library with a GIGA Lab, a Fab Lab, many more group study rooms, and other great spaces including an East entrance on the ground level.
·        The opening date for the newly renovated area is October 1. There will be a special campus-wide event. Everyone is invited!
·        Before October 1, we will continue library services in the spaces used last academic year. When the new section opens, there will be two bridges connecting Rees Jones Hall and the Library on the second floor, providing 24 hour access to the study rooms in RJ Hall.
·        Bistro Burnett (library café) will have more seats and more food options when it opens October 1. The library café was located last year near the West entrance to the Library. There will not be food service in the library until October 1.


·        Library hours continue as usual. On typical weeks during the fall and spring semesters, the Library opens at 11 a.m. Sundays and stays open continuously until Friday nights at 8 p.m.  Saturday hours remain the same, 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.
·        We begin 24 hours for fall semester this year on Monday, August 24 by opening at 7:00 a.m. Monday and staying open until Friday night at 8 p.m.
·        Special hours apply for holidays. These hours are posted on the website.
·        You can always get help or reach someone with questions  http://library.tcu.edu/ask-a-librarian.asp