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Video: Introduction to the TCU Library

We have uploaded a new Introduction to the TCU Library video to YouTube. Check it out at:

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Presidential Power

Every time we turn on the TV or look at a news site or social media we’re bombarded with information about President Trump and all of the changes being made in our government, many of which are very controversial.  At times it can be hard to keep up or understand how the changes being made may affect us.  What can the president do unilaterally? What oversight powers reside in the legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government? With a great deal of help from the University of Washington School of Law, we have put together a Presidential Power research guide to help the TCU community understand basic political structure and the parameters of the presidency with examples of recent executive orders and articles exploring the ramifications of those orders.  There are also many books, videos and podcasts suggested to help you understand the power that the president wields and the trickle-down effect of that power.  This guide can be found on the TCU Library website under Research Guides when you search for  Presidential Power or by following this link .

If you would like to see similar research guides on current events, please use this form to make suggestions.

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The Brody Chairs

Brody chairs have been installed in the Mary Couts Burnett Library on the 2nd floor, west side (facing University). These chairs are self-contained work spaces ergonomically designed for focused task work by individuals. Designed to be good for your body and brain, the use of the Brody Chairs helps the Library meet the demand for additional quiet study space, supportive seating and additional power supplies.

TCU students are giving a thumbs up to the purchase of these new chairs.

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