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Double-Sided Printing In the Information Commons

In support of TCU’s “Think Purple, Live Green” initiative, the Information Commons computer lab in the library will make double-sided (aka “duplex”) printing the default in Spring 2009. It will still be possible to print single-sided by choosing that option from the printer Preferences menu. The capability to print double-sided came with the new Xerox Phaser printers installed in the Information Commons in September.

The first month we had these new printers, over a quarter of a million pages were printed in the IC lab. Since much printing consists of notes, drafts, journal articles and other research rather than final projects, double-sided printing should significantly cut down the amount of paper used in the IC.

Students currently receive 200 pages of free black and white printing per semester and are subsequently charged 10 cents per page. These charges pay for maintenance of the printers, toner, and paper. Of the latter two, toner is by far the more significant expense. Therefore, both pages of a double-sided print will still count as two “pages” for purposes of the free print count and charging. (And as noted, single-sided printing is still an option – it will just become an option people have to choose.) New instructions for printing are available here.