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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is an online anatomy study guide that helps students learn and assess their anatomy knowledge with a complete human anatomy flashcard deck, learning tables and testing exercises.

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FDsys contains these U.S. Government documents: Regulatory information (such as, Federal Register, Laws, etc.), Legislation (such as Congressional Records, Congressional Bills, etc.), Economic Indicators, Court Opinions, Constitutional analysis, and more. Coverage dates: 1994 – Current.

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Music Online: American Music

Music Online: American Music Streaming audio covering music from Amerca’s past including songs by and about Native Americans, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, cowboys, Civil Rights, politics, Prohibition, Revolutionary and Civil Wars, anti-war protests and more. Coverage dates: 18th century – Current.

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Combined Chemical Dictionary

The Combined Chemical Dictionary provides access to chemical, physical, and structural data on 620,000 compounds. Limited to 2 users at once.

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The Cochrane Library

Cochrane Library consists of a regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases and it is an authoritative full-text source of evidence over health care. It includes systematic reviews, clinical trials, research studies, clinical answers, and more. Coverage dates: Varies.

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