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Nursing @ Ovid

Ovid, Nursing@Ovid is a comprehensive, integrated nursing and allied health portal for information about practice, education, research, and administration. The databases core service is comprised of three components: Proprietary Nursing Subject Thesaurus, Ovid’s new Controlled Vocabulary, and an associated Lexicon which meets the needs of nurses. Coverage dates: 1948 – Current.

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Congressional Publications (ProQuest)

Congressional Publications (ProQuest) contains full-text for congressional hearings, public issues, legislation, and history. Coverage dates: 1789 – Current.

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ClinicalKey gives access to all of Elsevier’s current medical and surgical content, including First Consult. ClinicalKey’s content includes thousands of textbooks and top medical journals, providing the most current clinically relevant evidence-based answers, as well as expert commentary, MEDLINE abstracts and select third-party journals. Coverage dates: Current.

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Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center A collection of full text articles about current issues and events. Each topic is presented with points of view (pros and cons) from each side of the issue. Coverage dates: Varies.

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Birds of North America

Birds of North America provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 700+ species of birds breeding in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada.

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