Brown Bag Lunch Series: Cliburn & Competition

A thrilling hour of suspense, surprises, nostalgia and superb artistry… with a PB&J in one hand and a glass of milk in the other! It’s the Cliburn “Remember When” brown bag series presented by the Music/Media Library and the Cliburn Archive. Bring your lunch and join us in the Screening Room at noon on the dates listed below as we view highlights of our favorite past Competitions through the documentaries of the Cliburn Foundation. It’s excellent information for the Cliburn newbie and fun nostalgia for the Cliburn veteran. See how the Competition has changed over the decades. Experience the highest highs and the lowest depths as budding artists make their mark on the classical music world. It really is all that and a bag of chips!

Dates and Showings (Most films will require 2 days to complete):

May 22 (Part 1) and May 24 (Part 2)
Virtuosity (2013 Cliburn)
A beautifully produced introduction to the modern Cliburn just before the current Competition begins.

June 1 (Part 1) and June 2 (Part 2)
The Seventh Van Cliburn Competition (1985 Cliburn)
The Competition nearest and dearest to TCU. Come see one of our favorite artists take his first step into greatness. (Note: These showings were rescheduled from previously-announced dates of June 5 and 6.)

June 7 (Pt. 1), June 8 (Pt. 2) and June 9 (Pt. 3)
Playing on the Edge (2001 Cliburn)
We saved the best for last. With no daytime current Competition offerings, come watch the highlights of one of the most thrilling and artistically amazing Competitions in Cliburn history – a nail biter ending and the launch of some of the most active careers in the piano world.

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