I Love the TCU Library Contest Winners

I Love TCU Library ContestThe TCU Library asked entrants to submit a “love testimonial” about how they love the library and how it has contributed to their academic success. The winners are:

First Place
Jessica Polasek, Neuroscience Major

Contest Winner

Roses are red, violets are blue
Neuroscience is hard, but I got through

I used to study in my dorm
It was chaos, and my grades were poor
I failed a class and knew it was time
To change something about my life

I met Mary Couts spring 2010
She quickly became my new best friend
She gave me outlets and quiet, an occasional snack
And fellow students around me who stayed on task

Help at the desk solved a crises or two
For losing notes before a test is worse than the flu
When my printer broke, she had my back
Even gave me free prints, what more could I ask

The library’s been there for me, time and again
It’s where I met the best boys and my best friends
I spent my 21st birthday there, and 22, too
Mary made finals week and  birthdays not so blue

I’m leaving in May, but I know one thing
One friend at TCU will always be with me
She taught me to study, and have fun too
Thank you, Mary Couts, for all that you do

Second Place
Molly Johnson, Neeley Fellows Class of 2013

Being abroad in Thailand this semester has made me realize even more just why I love the TCU library. In case the delicious sushi, the round-the-clock hours and the awesome staff weren’t enough to make me swoon, Mary Couts Burnett Library won me over from the first week of my freshman year with her ability to bring people together in pursuit of both friendship and academic excellence. I can’t even count the number of friendships I’ve made by asking to share a table in the loud section. Not to mention the bonds formed over group projects in Pod 5 or the typical all-nighter crowd of procrastinators (including myself) who show up in full during test weeks. I’ve learned about financial accounting, musical theatre and social problems while sitting in the library, but perhaps what I’ll remember most is the way the library makes me feel. When I’m there, I know I’m not the only Horned Frog up late studying. I know I’m not the only person who cares about how I do on my test the next day. But even more importantly, I know for certain I’m part of a community that bonds over Starbucks coffee, the color purple, academia and friendship. I couldn’t be prouder to be a Horned Frog and I couldn’t be prouder to be a library regular. See you next fall Mary Couts.

Third Place
Lauren Pahos, Speech-Language Pathology

Third Place contest winner

Every girl needs someone to support her while she struggles to achieve her dreams. Someone to offer a helping hand and a refuge from the rest of the world when things get rough. That’s what “Mary” does for me. She plays soft classical music while I study and even has coffee and snacks when I need them. She lets me use the computer for as long as I need and even when I have to print 50 pages of Powerpoint notes, she is patient and willing to help. I’ve occasionally strayed and spent the night with my living room instead, but it just doesn’t feel the same and I always return to the same cozy spot. Because here I feel like I can do anything (even that 10 page paper that’s due in 12 hours).

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