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Franchise Data from the Census

Entrepreneurs, check this out!

This is the first time the Census Bureau has collected information that is this detailed on Franchisees.  

Here are the highlights of the report in a link to a press release.

Here is the detailed dataRead more

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Doing Business Overseas

The World Bank is publishing a website that “provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economies and selected cities at the subnational and regional level.”  The website covers topics such as Starting a Business, Licenses, Registering … Read more

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Marketing Websites worth visiting

Good stuff.

www.MarketingProfs.com  articles & case studies about the value of marketing

www.trendwatching.com  global in focus-free subscription- info on the latest trends

www.nrf.com National Retail Federation- articles/data about retail and related topics such as, consumer spending

www.adcouncil.org get … Read more

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Entrepreneur websites

Sorry for the delay in posting…my world has been very busy lately.  Thought I’d throw in a quick post and list some enterpreneur websites that might be useful.   Since I’m in a hurry, I’m only writing a description if really needed.  … Read more

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Delicious Links

Just thought I’d put in a post plugging the Delicious link I have on the sidebar.  One category (Recent Delicious Adds) shows you my most recent additions to the bookmarking site, and you can link directly to any website that seems … Read more

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